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Pihlajanmarjat - Children's and Youth choir

The Children's and Youth choir Pihlajanmarjat (rowanberries) is located in Helsinki, Finland. The choir was founded in 1985, and from the very beginning the choir has been conducted by Marjasisko Varha, the cantor of Viikki church, which is part of the biggest Lutheran parish in Helsinki. There are about 25 singers in the choir, and according to their age and skills, the singers are divided in three groups, the youngest singers being three and the oldest singers 12 years old. Pihlajanmarjat Choir sings regularly at church services and other congregational events. It has performed in TV programs and produced several radio recordings. Along with traditional songs, the choir's repertoire consists of joyful and rhythmic sacred music. The choir has also a repertoire of songs in English. Many of the choir singers also appear as soloists or as accompanists.

Pihlajanmarjat Choir has made concert tours in Finland and in some European countries (Sweden 1992, Denmark 1994, Estonia 1998, Spain 2000, Greece 2002) and in Canada and USA in 1996.

The choir has published four records:

  • Pihlajanmarjat (1994)
  • Hand in hand – Käsi kädessä (1997)
  • Joulu saapuu jokaiselle - a Christmas record (1999)
  • Kansanlaulun tapaan - traditional and folk songs (2001)

Pihlajanmarjat Choir has attended the Tampere Vocal Music Festival twice, and was awarded 3 silver stamps in 1999 and two silver stamps in 2001. In 2002, the choir attended the 4th International Choir Competition of Rhodes and was awarded with a silver medal and received a diploma in folk song category.

In 2010, Pihlajanmarjat Choir celebrated its 25th birthday! For the occasion, a grand choir, composed of former and current members of Pihlajanmarjat, and the members of Pihlaja Female Choir, performed a special concert.

Contact us:

Conductor Marjasisko Varha - Tel: +358-9-23404496 / Email: marjasisko.varha(at)evl.fi

Viikki Church, Agronominkatu 5, 00790 Helsinki, Finland